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Parenting Blogs

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It’s a new chapter that I’m about to engage in, quite literally within the next couple of weeks.

So my colleague Mary Johnson will take care of Blog Profiles for a bit in my absence. Johnson already has written a couple of posts in this space, covering crafting blogs and women’s interest bloggers.

This week, I’ve got my mind focused on parenting blogs. (Incidentally, all of these blogs were submitted through the contact form on the PR Newswire for Bloggers site. Please keep them coming – we do look at every submission that comes in!)

Sane Spaces is the site of mompreneur business strategist Cena Block.

I like this blog for a number of reasons, but it starts with Block’s writing voice. In her post, 10 Decluttering Hacks to Help You Get More Organized and Productive, she starts simply: “Most moms in business are just too busy to stay organized. There, I said it.”

In her post, she talks about her decluttering hacks, including creating a punch list, using what you already have, finding a declutter buddy, and taking it easy. I honestly need to consider all of those items – I’m not great at decluttering.

I also enjoyed several other posts: 3 Simple Self-Care Strategies for Mompreneurs, Sanity Strategies for Successful Mompreneurs, and 7 Steps to Create a Vision Board for Moms in Business.

Follow @sanespaces on Twitter.

Dads Who Diaper proudly announces that “we clean up messes.”

How can you not love a site like that?

The blog is written and managed by co-creators Chad Carter and Paul Snowden. Their work has been featured in other places, namely The Huffington Post, Disney Baby, Scary Mommy, and Modern Mom.

“Dads Who Diaper is dedicated to helping dads (and all parents) who’s searching how to be a better parent,” the blog says. “We strive to be a place where dads can find information, interviews, reviews, parenting humor and the Dads Who Diaper podcast.”

I found a bunch of interesting posts on Dads Who Diaper. They include HGTV Star Shares Joys of Becoming New Dad, Nearly 75 Percent of Parents Turn Car Seat Too Early Study Says, and How to Pick a Guardian for your Child.

Follow @DadsWhoDiaper on Twitter.

Baby to Boomer Lifestyle is the blog of Connie Ott.

It covers lifestyle, reviews, and travel from Seattle, “specializing in technology, home DIY and decor, parenting, fashion, entertaining, recipes, crafts, entertainment, and more.”

There’s a lot of information on this blog.

Narrowing down my favorite posts to just a handful was pretty hard.

Under toddlers and toys, I found this gem: Sesame Street Trains: Quality Toys for Ages 2+. Then there was Deck Gardens: Gardening that Saves Water and Your Back and Fever in Babies – It’s Easier to Handle if You’re Prepared.

That last post really helped me, especially since I’m about to experience a newborn for the first time.

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Afro-Chic Mompreneur provides “a guide and support for the chic working mom.”

The brain behind the operation is blogger and mom Nancy Laws.

As a runner myself, the post that immediately caught my eye was The Awesome Physical Benefits of Running.

“As a lover of running, I have grown to love and understand the incredible mental benefits of running, that have not only helped me to find balance in my everyday life, but to help me become a more determined and driven business woman (only somebody who has struggled through that last quarter mile, body aching, everything in you screaming for you to stop and yet still managing to push yourself to the end can understand this),” Laws writes.

Other interesting posts include App My Life: Shop Local Farmer’s Markets With Your Phone, 5 Insightful Ways to Approach Strategic Leadership, and Falling in Love With Your Body Again After Baby.

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Christine Cube is an audience relations manager with PR Newswire and freelance writer. She’s going to miss y’all for a while. Type to you again real soon. Follow her @cpcube.

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