Media Insider: Univision Sells Majority Stake, Bloomberg Targets Black Media, NYT Fights Doxxing

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Univision sells majority stake to private investors

Univision announced it has agreed to sell a 64% stake to two investment firms, Searchlight Capital Partners and ForgeLight LLC. Grupo Televisa, which grants Univision the rights to its content library, will hold the remaining 36% stake. Wade Davis, founder of ForgeLight, will take over as CEO of Univision. In 2007, Saban Capital Group led private equity investors to purchase the company in a leveraged buyout worth $13.7 billion. Today, analysts predict the deal likely values Univision at less than $10 billion – meaning Saban Capital Group will walk away with a far lower payout than envisioned when purchasing the company. Univision’s plunging value over the last decade speaks to the turbulent nature of the media landscape today.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Wade Davis comments on the future of Spanish-language programming.

Bloomberg spends record $3.5M on ads in black media

Mike Bloomberg has spent $3.5 million to advertise his presidential campaign in the black media in an attempt to rally African American support. Bloomberg set a record for presidential ad buying and created a heated debated among African Americans this week. Supporting African Americans believe Bloomberg’s ad buy acknowledges the importance of African American journalism and supports many black-owned family businesses. However, others are hesitant to jump on board due to decisions Bloomberg made as the former mayor of New York, such as the stop-and-frisk policing that targeted black and Hispanic men and had a lasting negative impact on the quality of life for so many.

In an era of employee turnover and union negotiations, six women fought for better paid family leave at The Boston Globe and won.

Wall Street Journal to Launch New Vertical, The Experience Report

The Wall Street Journal and SAP are partnering to launch The Experience Report, a digital offering that delivers news and analysis on how companies optimize data, technology, and design to propel successful interactions with their customers. The Experience Report will provide up-to-the-minute news, interviews, and videos that focus on verified user experience management techniques that drive results. The customized content will be produced entirely by SAP and solely for The Wall Street Journal Experience Report. Josh Stinchcomb, Global Chief Revenue Officer for The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s Group, states, “This custom content collaboration is exciting and emblematic of how brands are increasingly looking to share their thought leadership by helping make contextually relevant editorial environments possible through sponsorship. Smart, effective and a win for readers and marketers alike.”

Business Insider introduced SÁGA, a data platform offering first-party insights to help marketers engage with the right consumers.

How to Dox Yourself on the Internet

The New York Times publicly released its step-by-step guide on finding and removing personal information from the internet to avoid doxxing. Doxxing is the internet-based tactic of researching and broadcasting private information about an individual or organization, typically to be used with malicious intent. After doxxers attacked several journalists at The New York Times, it created this program to empower people to proactively take digital security measures to protect their personal information. The New York Times publicly released its program to assist people who want to take control of their own security online.

Take NYT’s doxxing training here.

Miami family donates $2.5 million to fund investigative journalism. ‘Future is in peril’

The Esserman family of Miami has donated $2.5 million to help fund investigative journalism in South Florida. This week, the family established The Esserman Family Fund for Investigative Journalism at the Miami Foundation. The fund will help support a $10,000 top award and two $1,000 honorable mention awards for South Florida’s “best accountability” reporting and an annual investigative reporting fellowship at the Miami Herald. Charlene Esserman stated, “We want to galvanize people to stand up for change, and that’s what a free press does.”

More on local news in Florida: Gannett journalists ink union authorization cards and the Tampa Bay Times announces mandatory pay cuts.

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