Our Blogging and Writing Resolutions for 2021

Our Writing Resolutions for 2021

2020 has been A YEAR. Many of us are feeling tired, burned out, in a daze, or all of the above. But as the new year approaches, it offers us an opportunity to start fresh and set new goals. Maybe your writing resolutions were thrown out the window in 2020 and you just want to give them another shot. Maybe you want to think of a brand new resolution.

Despite all the challenges, our team worked hard to keep new content flowing in 2020 and it resulted in a variety of popular posts.

Here are the goals for a few of the writers on our team to keep that momentum going in 2021.


Celina Anton, Solutions Engineer

My writing resolution for 2021 is to try to write more often – a constant struggle with my role, as I am always booked in advance, and my schedule fills up quickly. I have to figure out a way to prioritize this next year.

Additionally, I’d love to write about a new topic. Maybe a look at the best mom blogs for journalists, for example. I’m expecting and will be a new mother come next summer, so I think the next thing I write about will be something relevant to my personal life.

Erienne Muldoon, Senior Customer Content Specialist, Virtual Press Office

Blogging was a challenge for me in 2020; trying to navigate election coverage and other event-related topics amid a global pandemic was not in my wheelhouse.

However, I am looking forward to leaning into the uncertainty of 2021 with a new perspective. The ways that industries are pivoting, overdue changes are being accelerated, and longstanding best practices are being reaffirmed makes me excited to write in the coming year.

I hope to produce more content in 2021 by exploring new stories and revisiting old topics with fresh eyes.

Erin WadeSenior Customer Content Specialist

Writing for the Media Insider blog was very educational for me this year. 2020 brought a record number of critical news stories on a lot of sensitive topics. I read so many news articles that pushed me into reading and learning more than my blog posts required.

2020 was also a hectic year that forced me to prioritize day-to-day tasks over blogging, which caused me to rush through many of the blog posts I wrote. In 2021, I’d like to work on giving myself the time to write engaging blog posts on more creative topics.

Larry Grady, Manager, Audience Website Operations

I’d like to try some editions of On PR Newswire based on industry — the best economic stories, the best health stories, the best entertainment stories, etc. The coronavirus stories tended to push other good stories to the sidelines this year.

Lauren Klonowski, Senior Customer Content Specialist

2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least. However, at the beginning of this year, I did get the chance to learn more about SEO and how it can really work along with great writing to make content rank higher. I’d love to take what I have learned (and continue to learn) and craft some posts about SEO to help fellow bloggers and writers make sure their content gets the recognition it deserves.

Louis EyermanCustomer Content Specialist

For 2021, my resolution is simply to get into reading more blogs. I’d always had a hard time getting hooked on any particular blog/podcast-type material until recently.

I’m discovering that I really enjoy the kind of narrative blogs that explore niches of history, a recent favorite being a piece from The Appendix about the bygone “Zamrock” music scene of 1970s Zambia.

My goal is to uncover unique blog sources in order to both share them with others and to use as inspiration for my own writing.

Maria Perez, Director, Audience Website Operations

For 2020, I resolve to get out of my comfort zone. My blog posts all follow the same format, have exactly one image, and maintain the same voice throughout. I’d like to expand my writing to different types of pieces and incorporate multimedia in a more interesting way.

Oscar Duran, Account Executive

Writing is a skill I’ve had to be proactive about developing over my lifetime, yet it’s something that brings me immense joy. in 2021, I’d like to begin to develop my storytelling more creatively to draw readers in further.

I firmly believe that storytelling is what makes us uniquely human and good writing comes from a person that wholeheartedly understands the tragedy of the human condition. I want to be able to write so well that I can draw people together through their realization that others experience similar emotions. For me, to write well is to allow the reader to escape into a world as a reprieve from the woes of real life.

Rocky Parker, Manager of Audience Relations

Despite all the other challenges of 2020, managing Beyond Bylines to a successful year was not one of them. Thanks to my wonderful group of writers, the blog was able to celebrate its best year ever in terms of views and was again named to the Top 60 Journalism Blogs & Websites by Feedspot – the fourth consecutive year we’ve received this honor.

In 2021, I’d like to continue developing my writing skills and hopefully interview journalists and/or bloggers about trends, advice, etc. Interviewing isn’t something I’ve worked on in the past and I think it’d be a great skill to develop.

Past that, I’d just like to continue contributing to the blog however I can in an effort to maintain its success and create content that will be valuable to our readers. I’d also like to welcome new writers to the team that can bring a fresh voice and new ideas.

Savannah Tanbusch, PRWeb Editor

I’m really bad at setting resolutions because I tend to forget what I’ve said my resolutions are and end up never fulfilling them.

Therefore, my blogging resolution is to start planning ahead with topics for each of my Blog Profiles, and to start writing them early so I don’t accidentally overschedule myself. I’m going to try to achieve this by employing the help of a handy-dandy 2021 planner that I’m hoping will get more use than my 2020 one!

Sandy Azzollini McKinley, VP, Audience and Marketing IT

My resolution is to learn more tips and tricks for finding sources or source data. I take far too long researching for regular blog posting.

Tiana GibbsCustomer Content Specialist

My resolution for 2021 is to take more risks – writing about new topics, exploring markets and opportunities outside my comfort zone, and overall just challenging myself to get out there. 2020 was all about playing it safe, but 2021 can be a time for growth if I go chasing after it.

Thank you to all our readers for another great year. From our team to yours…


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Rocky Parker is the manager of Audience Relations at PR Newswire. Check out her previous posts for Beyond Bylines and connect on LinkedIn. When she’s not working, Rocky typically can be found cooking, binge-watching a new show, or playing with her puppy, Hudson.

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