Year in Review: 10 of the Most Popular Beyond Bylines Posts of 2020

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2020 – enough said, right?

In a year that’s been anything but normal, the writing team at Beyond Bylines has strived to provide content that serves and informs, documenting the uniqueness of this time while continuing to highlight tradition.

Our top posts from 2020 reflect a wild year. They include lists of top news sites and blogs, multicultural spotlights, annual celebrations, tips for navigating life in a pandemic, and updates on social and political movements.

Here’s a full list of what resonated this year:

1. Blog Profiles: COVID-19 Blogs

No surprise here – the most popular post from 2020 is COVID-related. In March, author Stephanie Donovan compiled a list of science- and health-focused blogs that helped guide us through the early days of the pandemic.

2. AP Style: Rules for Black Culture, COVID-19, Climate Change, & More

Our quarterly AP style recaps continue to be popular, three years after we rolled them out. 2020’s top AP style post highlighted some of the most topical terms of the year. Honorable mentions include posts covering election terminology and race and gender.

3. Choosing Photos for Your Blog: 3 Copyright Rules to Know

Incorporating engaging multimedia into your content is one of the best (and easiest) ways to increase visibility and engagement. Author Tiana Gibbs shared tips for appropriately using third-party photos to boost your SEO.

4. 10 Must-Read Hispanic News Sites Covering the U.S. and Latin America

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, author Nicole Howard recognized 10 sites that spotlight the Latino community, from breaking news and investigative journalism to arts, culture, and sports.

5. 15 excellent journalism & media newsletters for being in-the-know

Want to stay informed in the middle of all your multitasking? Author Rocky Parker curated a list of newsletters that provide everything you need to know in an easily-digestible format.

6. Blog Profiles: Asian American Mom Bloggers

Rocky Parker’s post from May celebrated both Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and Mother’s Day with a collection of blogs featuring diverse stories of motherhood and culture.

7. 5 Trusted Sites for Politics and Policy News to Follow During Election Season

As the U.S. presidential election drew near, we provided a list of non-fake-news outlets to help you cut through the campaign noise. Beyond November, these venerable organizations are trusted sources of non-partisan news.

8. Passive Voice in Journalism: How to Wield It Responsibly

Against the backdrop of the summer’s racial unrest and social justice movements, author Tiana Gibbs examined how word choice can shape and impact a narrative, even unconsciously.

9. 7 environmental news sites to inspire your inner scientist on Earth Day

Author Marisa Abeyta celebrated Earth Day by highlighting #ClimateAction and the early impact of COVID lockdowns and restrictions on the environment. Marisa’s coverage of International Women’s Day was another popular post this year.

10. 10 Tips for Covering a Virtual Event

As events transitioned to a virtual format during the pandemic, author Erienne Muldoon had you covered on what to expect and how to keep your reporting focused and informed.

Have a topic that we didn’t cover in 2020 that you’d like to see a post on in 2021? Let us know in the comments or tweet our team at @BeyondBylines!

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Sarah Roberts is a manager in Customer Content Services at PR Newswire. In a previous life, she was a newspaper reporter in the Midwest. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, exploring the craft beer scene, and petting all the dogs.

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