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I’ve always been fascinated with the law and legal issues.

Early in my general assignment reporting days, I covered many cases, learning from the men and women who served inside those courtrooms and city departments. I learned a ton from them.

And for some reason today, I find myself thinking about those lessons and wondering how my old friends are doing.

This post is dedicated to them and their tireless work to keep our legal system going.

Trademarkology is powered by Stites & Harbison, PLLC.

“We help clients select powerful brand names and logos and protect those names and logos by registering trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office,” the blog says. “We will use this blog to harness the magical powers of the internet and provide you with insight and guidance to help you select your brand name or logo and protect it with a federally registered trademark.”

This blog provides some pretty fascinating reads.

A few of my favorite posts include Roll Tide and Go Cards: The Phenomena of College Sports Branding, How to Avoid March Sadness During March Madness, and Trademark Filing Strategies.

According to blogger Melissa Hunter Smith in her March Madness post, the “NCAA has registered numerous marks that relate to the upcoming basketball tournament, including the following: First Four, NCAA Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight (and Women’s Elite Eight), Final Four (and Women’s Final Four), The Big Dance, March Madness.”

This makes sense, but as a watcher of the tournament, you might not really think about this. It’s pretty interesting.

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Art Law Report provides “timely updates and commentary on legal issues in the museum and visual arts communities.”

The blog is published by Sullivan & Worcester and edited by Nicholas M. O’Donnell, a partner in the litigation department of the Boston office.

The blog post that immediately caught my eye while I was looking for interesting and relevant law blogs was Fox News Seeks to Take Fair Use Questions Over 9/11 Photo to the Second Circuit.

It’s a fascinating case about the appropriate use of an iconic photograph from Sept. 11, 2001, known as “Raising the Flag at Ground Zero.” The case reminds me of many that came up during my media law and ethics class from college.

Other notable posts from Art Law Report include Austrian Committee Recommends Against Restitution of Klimt Beethoven Frieze and Immunity from Seizure in Focus—Loans from Cuba for Exhibitions on Hold.

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BeLabor The Point is a blog by Stearns Weaver Miller, offering “insights and commentary on current topics related to labor and employment law.”

The blog features writers from Stearns Weaver Miller’s Labor & Employment department and serves as “a resource for employers, management, in-house counsel, HR professionals, and anyone interested in the day-to-day issues facing employers.”

Some interesting posts I found include Same-Sex FMLA Coverage: Where You Were Married, Not Where You Live and The 24 Year Journey – Did Absence Make The Heart Grow Fonder?

The latter is about the incredible story and firing of an engineer with the Central Public Works Department in India, who last showed up for work in Dec. 1990.

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