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As the year is coming to a close, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite bloggers.

There is no theme, just a collection of writers who I have enjoyed over the years and a few I’ve even worked with on projects.

I met Colleen from Life Long Learners at an event at Babies”R”Us a few years ago, and she is as delightful in person as in her blog. Colleen spent over 10 years as a gifted intervention specialist and now shares her expertise homeschooling her four children and on her blog. She also has written several educational books for teachers, parents, and kids.

Although I don’t homeschool my kids, several of her posts covered under homeschooling also helped me when talking to my sons teachers. I sent Colleen’s Understanding the Creatively Gifted Child to his teacher after his IQ test came back and he scored exceptionally high on the visual portion. It also helped when planning his educational plan for the year.

I also admire how creative she is with the projects she does with her children. I can’t wait to make crayon lip balms with my kids and Nutter Butter Santas and Rudolphs are in our near future.

Follow ColleenKessler on Instagram.

Midwestern Moms is written by Devon, who is a work-at-home mom of two. Devon is so creative with her crafts and recipes that I have often tried to replicate her recipes. One Halloween, she posted a pumpkin and ghost cake pops that looked so easy to make, but for me was an epic fail. With her encouragement, I’ve tried cake pops again and did alright.

This year, I’m thinking I’ll have the kids try their hand at making snowmen out of rice crispy while I make candied bacon for family and friends.

Follow DevCops on Instagram.

Although I’ve never met Darcy from Darcy and Brian, in person, I consider her a close friend. She has helped me to find my niche and now she is helping other bloggers at Collective Bias through Social Fabric University. She also is the main reason I started using ProfNet Connect. Darcy’s easy-to-follow guide made me an expert in no time and have been using it often over the last four years.

I love watching her kids grow especially since our daughters are only a few months apart. Since they are so close in age, we often are going through the same struggles like the guilt we feel over not doing as much for our second child. Or, the imagined neglect because they don’t give the attention their older sibling got when they were a baby.

Follow DarcyAnnZ on Instagram.

Finally, there is Mama’s Losin’ It written by Kat Bouska, who’s a mom of three and runs a home daycare. I enjoy her sense of humor, but find her especially funny on her YouTube channel.

What really keeps me coming back is her weekly writing link up and writing prompts. She gives five blog post ideas and invites bloggers to return to share their blog post. One of my favorite Writer Workshop posts is when she shared about the time her and her siblings were grounded.

I’ve also enjoyed her recreations of drinks she found on Pinterest like Pumpkin Spiced Mudslide and the New York Whiskey Sour had me howling with laughter.

Follow KatBouska on Instagram.

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Mary Johnson is the office manager in the PR Newswire Cleveland office. You can find her blogging at or as she overshares on Instagram. Follow her on Twitter at @mryjhnsn.

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