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Planning a kid’s birthday can be really easy with just a cake, or it can go way over the rented circus top. I fall in that in-between category. There is a theme, a schedule, and always cake. I strongly believe that birthdays should be celebrated, but I don’t feel the need to pull out all the stops every year, but definitely every other year.

This weekend my little princess is celebrating her sixth birthday with an un-slumber party, complete with make-your-own lip balm and do-it-yourself manicures. I relied heavily on Pinterest and party bloggers for ideas for the big “spa-rty” to stay under budget and still make all the little princesses feel pretty.

Catch My Party is the place for “incredible party ideas and inspiration, share party photos, and connect with people who love entertaining.” This blog was my biggest inspiration for her spa-themed birthday party and it came up often in my Pinterest searches.

Founded by Jillian Tohber Leslie in 2009, Catch My Party is more than a blog. It’s a place to showcase hundreds of real parties from her readers and fans. Jillian shares her own tutorials such as sprinkled rimmed glasses and how to make pink princess popcorn, as well as party friendly recipes like a Minecraft pizza.

Since I was looking for a particular party theme, I went to her theme tab and found it right away. Apparently, I’m not the only one throwing a spa party for their little girl and plenty of contributors to Catch My Party, caught my imagination.

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Throwing a kid party should not put you in debt nor should you ever feel that you have to compete with other parents. An Alli Event, offers party planning advice that will only look like you spent more than you should have. In fact, How to Throw a Party on a Budget, explains just how to throw a great party and stay within your means.

I really enjoyed browsing Alli’s recipes, especially her mocktail recipes. Cherry Margarita Mocktail and Breakfast Pina Colada. Yes, please!

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Creating Couture Parties is written by Stephanie Frazier Grimm who is a professional wedding and party designer. Stephanie wants to “out the inner party planner in all of us!”

As I searched Creating Couture for party ideas, I stumbled upon a princess theme party she did last November at a children’s hospital. My heart just melted reading the story and looking at the photos of the party that Stephanie threw for the kids through her nonprofit organization, The Confetti Foundation. Her organization supplies kits to help children celebrate their birthdays while they are staying in hospital.

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Michelle’s Party Plan-It covers anything party-related, from recipes to do-it-yourself crafts and party decor. Michelle has built a business from her party planning ideas and the blog showcases her ideas.

I personally love a good theme party and when I saw her “I Love Lucy” party, I knew I would want to do one soon. I also found some really lovely ideas from her Hearts and Kisses-themed Valentine’s party to use for our upcoming celebration. Creativity is not in short supply here, even when hosting a pasta party!

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