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When you’re single, you might think it can’t get any harder than finding a mate. Until you meet someone and you can’t imagine becoming a spouse. Then the two of you decide to make it official and the big day planning starts. So much careful planning goes into that one day. Finally, you say, “I do,” and now you have the rest of your life to make it work.

The following blogs can help you navigate the next phase of life.

Not finding any marriage blogs that didn’t revolve around kids or religion was a challenge for Newlywed Survivals owner Stacy. So, she started her own blog in 2011. I’ve read her blog since her early beginnings and I find her candor about marriage refreshing.

Posts like things I didn’t realize I’d have to share and realistic places to share spontaneous intimacy have made me laugh, but also helped me to open up to my spouse. And when I may be doubting, I can always re-read benefits of a healthy marriage. They are not all what you would expect.

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Marriage Confessions was started as a hobby for Katie. It was also a way for her to be creative while sharing stories of married life. Her blog grew as did her marriage and she continued to share, the better and the worse parts of married life.

I enjoy Katie’s humor like when she shared why you should not marry your high school sweetheart (which she did) and middle of the night shenanigans. Both of which, remind me that my husband and I are just as silly as other couples. Katie’s latest post, A Family Hero, reminds us that everyday heroes are everywhere. We even marry them.

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The trick to marriage? To stay married, of course, and that’s just what the Stay Married Blog discusses. Michelle and Tony got married in 2007. While insomnia kept Michelle up at night, she discovered a calling. She started tweeting encouraging messages about marriage help couples struggling with #staymarried. Those tweets led to the blog.

I found ways to calm a fight insightful especially when fighting comes about when someone isn’t sharing the load in a marriage. I blog as a hobby and in the beginning, my husband didn’t always understand. Three ways to keep your hobby and your marriage could have helped.

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Jamal and Natasha Miller are Married and Young. They write about their marriage and how religion plays a role in making it stronger. They do not shoulder all of the writing. The Millers have cultivated a strong community of writers to help those who are married, engaged, and single to find a deeper commitment with God’s help.

The blog does not shy away from tough topics like why loving someone is hard but worth it and words every pregnant woman would like to hear from her husband. I also recommend ways to help your child flourish with back-to-school season starting.

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