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Fake News Blogs

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Fake news stories are dominating headlines in more ways than one. Here are four blogs that you can trust to be satirical.

The health care field is stressful and at times heartbreaking. Gomer Blog pokes fun at all aspects of the medical field.

I found the CDC’s blood gravy content chart helpful during the holiday season. After all, “friends don’t let friends drive drunk on gravy.”

If you find yourself at a hospital anytime soon, I recommend reviewing Know Your White Coats. This article breaks down the unseen differences in the lab coats worn by medical professionals.

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The People’s Cube will help you find your “Inner Comrade” and denounce capitalism with strong communist views.

I highly recommend the made-for-the-internet recreation of the out-of-print Red Primer for Children written by Victor Vash.

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The Onion is best known for its made-up news headlines like Facebook User Verifies Truth Of Article By Carefully Checking It Against Own Preconceived Opinions and Longtime Reader Of Sick Of Mainstream Bias On Sites Like

It also condenses important issues like the What You Need to Know About the Dakota Access Pipeline for better comprehension.

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The Duffel Blog is the military version of The Onion, outrageous headlines and all.

Trump taps Ashley Madison to lead Veterans’ Affairs almost had me believing. And a case to the truth in humor could be made with Mattis looking forward to 12-hour work days, being blamed for everything military does wrong.

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  1. Thank you, comrades, for recommending the glorious People’s Cube! In this Five Year Plan we pledge to toil even harder to fulfil the Party’s quota of fake news ahead of schedule!

  2. inngus says:

    The People’s Cube? You do realize that it’s news satire, right? LMFAO

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