Blog Profiles: Over Age 40 Blogs

Over 40 Blogs

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With my feet firmly on the other side of 39, it’s safe to say I’m OK being middle aged. Why did 40-year-olds seem so much older and boring when I was in my 20s?

These bloggers are anything but boring, and I’m proud to call them sisters in midlife.

1. Say It, “Rah-shay”

Rachée is the mom of a teen, a storyteller, and knitter. Her blog ranges from stories of her life with her daughter, “Bee,” product reviews, and observations about life.

As I work toward a healthier life, I found the article on mindful eating in her Look Better Naked Rachée series quite enlightening.

As a mom myself, I sort of dread the day that my kids will see me as uncool. I might start now at practicing uncool using her list of 19th-century slang. And, always feeling a little sad that my kids are getting older, I took comfort that her daughter still likes to be read to.

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Say it Rah-shay blog

Credit: @sayitrahshay on Instagram

2. Mommy Talk Show

Joyce Brewer is the busiest mom blogger I know. Besides her blog, Brewer is an Emmy award-winning TV journalist, parenting talk show host, digital media manager, and freelance writer.

I spent way too many hours watching her and her adorable co-host/son A.J. But, what really touched my heart was the letters she writes to him each month. The letter after the election was particularly educational. It focused on the four “Rs” in an election.

Figuring out 40 has been interesting for me. I look forward to when mommy guilt won’t be so rough. She assures me it probably won’t stop — at least not for a while.

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Mommy Talk Show Hosted By TV Mom Joyce Brewer

Credit: Mommy Talk Show on Facebook

3. Everyday Eye Candy

Lashawn Wiltz believes that life is beautiful, captures it with her camera and shares her vision with her readers.

Her words about her 40th birthday and Prince speak to the loss many of us felt when he passed. As an avid reader, I found many books on her list for Black women ones that I cherish. I also discovered books I need to get.

Finally, her series on Instagram Storytellers is simply wonderful. Each month, she talks with an Instagrammer who inspires her and she shares their stories.

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Credit: @lashawnwiltz on Instagram

4. The Peachy Queen

I have followed Charlotte Dawn for some time now on Twitter and on her blog. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious and it’s no surprise that she won Mom of The Year several years ago.

Dawn does not shy away from sharing the stories of her life to give others hope. She shared learning to love herself and her suicide attempt as well as the struggles of husband’s addiction.

She also writes openly of her love for Disney and as a Disney Nerd myself, I understand.

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The Peachy Queen


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