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Librarian Blogs We Love

Last week was National Library Week.

Librarians are trusted keepers of the Dewey Decimal System. And, they can silence a group of rebels with a simple “shhh.”

Here’s a look at four blogs that any bibliophile would love to read.

1. Justin the Librarian

Justin is not only a librarian. He runs the Benson Memorial Library in Pennsylvania. He’s also a musician and is creating an arts and community center with his wife, Haley Hoenke. As if that’s not enough, he also writes his blog and freelances for other publications.

I enjoyed reading Ditching The Hype and Focusing on The Community and Be Kind. Be Positive. Make a Difference.

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2. Library Shenanigans

I always suspected that the librarians at my local library were up to shenanigans. In 2005, Jessy Randall, the curator of special collections at Colorado College, started sharing these stories.

It’s no longer a secret.

Bookstore shenanigan for Women’s History Month and Mollat bookstore shenanigan details some of the mischief they enjoy.

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Library Shenanigans


3. Barbershop Books

While not a library blog, Barbershop Books creates libraries in barbershops. The goal is to help boys become readers through the men in their community. The blog is a wealth of information for parents. Articles include diversity, education, and, of course, reading.

These posts caught my eye: The Charleston Shooting: Why White Kids Need Diverse Children’s Books and 8 Diverse Children’s Books to Read this Spring.

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Barbershop Books

Credit: @barbershopbooks on Instagram.

4. Jenny Arch

Jenny shares her view of the library world as well as books she’s reading. Her bookish accomplishments include interning at America’s Test Kitchens and she was a cataloger at M.I.T. Department of Anthropology.

These posts are timely reads: “What is fake news?” informational pamphlet and Libraries in a Post-Truth World Part I, Part II, and Part III

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