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Tiny House Blogs

Every time I step on a Lego or trip over someone’s shoe, I wonder what it would be like to move into a tiny home. It’s easy to imagine abandoning our earthly belongings and live on just what we need.

There’s a great deal to consider when buying a home between 400 square feet and 1000 square feet.

Location seems to be the No. 1 factor that often is overlooked.

These bloggers share their success for living small in the big world.

1. Ms. Gypsy Soul

Jewel Pearson took 10 years to transition to a tiny house. Not only has she succeeded at tiny living, she co-founded Tiny House Trail Blazers and works as a professional consultant. Her story and her home also are featured on the first season of HGTV’s Tiny House, Big Living.

Check out photos of her tiny home and her gorgeous new decor addition that doubles as a cover for her window.

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@msgypsysoul1 on Instagram

Credit: @msgypsysoul1 on Instagram

2. Bohemian Ecolove

Bonnielee Cuevas lives off the grid with her son in a tiny house in Tennessee.

Besides writing, she speaks and advocates for minimalism and the tiny house movement. In addition, Cuevas along with Ms. Gypsy Soul and Dominique Moody manage Tiny House Trail Blazers.

I enjoyed reading 3 Reasons Why Families Should Go Tiny and Putting Some Tiny HOMEstead Living Into Your City Life!

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bohemian ecolove blog

Credit: @bohemianecolove on Instagram

4. Dominique Moody

The third member of Tiny House Trail Blazers is Dominique Moody.

Her dwelling on wheels actually is a work of art entitled “Nomad.” Backed through an artist funding site Hatchfund and constructed from repurposed materials, Nomad is a traveling art studio that she works out of and shares as a traveling exhibit.

About the Nomad and Diverse voices echo the Nomad are on my must-read list.

Follow @artistnomad46 on Instagram.

Dominique Moody Traveling artist storyteller

Credit: @artistnomad46 on Instagram

3. Living Large in Our Little House

“Thriving in a tiny house with six dogs, a husband, and one remote” is the tagline for Karrie Fivecoat-Campbell’s blog.

I can’t imagine living with one remote, much less a tiny home so full of life. Not only have they done it, they’ve written a book about it!

Making the Move: Deciding on Your Tiny House Dream and Tiny House Living Simplifies Life, But Doesn’t Make it Easier are good reads.

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