Blog Profiles: Hodgepodge, Part 2

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Blogs We Love

I was trying to come up with a theme for this week. Then, it occurred to me. I don’t need a theme.

This week, I’m sharing four blogs that I’ve been reading lately.

1. The Chunky Chef

Amanda and I have a few things in common besides blogging. We are moms, we love bacon, and gourmet meals can be made on a weeknight.

I also adore the name of her blog.

Beer-infused grilled bratwurst with spicy peach salsa is a drool-worthy read. And, this cheeseburger with bacon bourbon jam will send you off to the grocery store immediately.

Follow @the_chunky_chef on Instagram.

Chunky Chef blog

Source: @the_chunky_chef
on Instagram

2. Moms That Travel

Jenn is a self-described “frugal fanatic.” She proves you can travel and stay on a budget.

Want to travel and get paid? Check out 8 Jobs That Pay You to Travel.

Follow @momsthattravel on Twitter.

4. A Dash of Sanity

After cooking her first meal for her family eight years ago, this blogger blended her culinary tastes to suit her family’s budget.

While her life may be hectic as a mom and business owner, she finds sanity in her kitchen. Thankfully, she shares her creations.

I suggest looking at grandma’s ginger cookies and southwestern bbq chicken kabob just for the photos. Oh yeah, and the recipes, too.

Follow @adashofsanity on Instagram.

A Dash of Sanity blog

Credit: @adashofsanity
on Instagram

3. Mama’s Geeky

As a fellow fangirl, Tessa speaks to me like no other mom blogger can. From gaming to comic books, this gal has my attention.

Check out the scoop on Marvel Studios’ new movie in the works. Or, if video games are more your kind of geek, check out her list of the best video games of the year, so far.

Follow @MamasGeeky on Instagram

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