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I began practicing yoga about a year ago.

I had thought about trying it for years, but never found the time until now.

I’m sooo glad I gave it a try, because yoga is seriously wonderful.

For me, yoga provides time to breathe, focus, and, to quote my favorite YouTuber, Adriene, “Let go of the day thus far.”

Here are four yoga blogs we love.

1. Yoga With Adriene

Yoga teacher, actress, and entrepreneur, Adriene Mishler is my favorite person I’ve never met. If I’m ever in Austin, Texas, I will definitely take one of her classes.

I enjoyed reading Ahimsa, Just say no, thank you! and Clean and Green Enchiladas.

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Credit: @adrienelouise on Instagram

2. Rachel Brathen Yoga Lifestyle

Rachel Brathen is from Sweden and teaches yoga in Aruba. She also is a New York Times best-selling author.

I recommend reading Remember: life takes you where you’re supposed to be, Podcast Transcription: Yoga with Usher and An Emergency Toolkit For Wellbeing, and Dear Yoga, It’s Nice to Meet You Again.

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Credit: @yoga_girl on Instagram

3. Runners Love Yoga

Ann is an elite runner and yoga teacher. Her posts, photos, and videos make you want to drop whatever you’re doing right now and live that life.

4 Daily Strategies to Keep Technology from Running Your Life, 4 Meditations for Those Who Don’t Meditate: Using Movement, Art, and Nature to be Mindful, and 5 Yin Yoga Poses to Calm and Restore are all great posts.

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Credit: @runnersloveyoga on Instagram

4. Jayne Becca Yoga

Jayne Becca is a Vinyasa flow, Strala and gentle/restorative yoga teacher in the UK.

Check out: 8 Minute Yoga to Restore12 Minute Yoga for Shoulders and Wrists, and How to Step Forward From Down Dog.

Follow @JayneBecca on Twitter.


Credit: @jaynebecca on Instagram

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