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Diving Blogs We Love -

I’ve never been diving.

When I was really young, I was really focused on not getting the bends. It was something I actively avoided (but never encountered) in day-to-day life. I probably still wouldn’t go diving now that I’m an adult because of this lingering fear, but hey, you never know.

My friend got a underwater exploration book for Christmas, and we’ve been perusing that for a while, so I thought I would continue my dryland ventures into the Ocean.

1. Original Diving

Original Diving is really a travel service that’s focused on providing divers with the best vacation and diving experiences. The organization is made up of a team of diving experts who have traveled all over the world and strive to provide the best diving experiences for clients. The blog portion of the site provides a bunch of different snapshots of interesting diving locations in easy to digest articles.

Posts I liked: Diving In A Winter Wonderland, Dive Into 2019

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Diving Blogs We Love: 6 recent posts from @originaldiving on Instagram

Credit: @originaldiving on Instagram

2. Chronic Wanderlust

Viktoria began this blog with one big mantra in mind: “Do more of what makes you happy!”

This blog is more of a lifestyle travel blog, but I always love blogs with personality (and Viktoria has a fun one – always bringing a Dirndl with her to all of the locations that she visits). The way this blog is segmented also makes it easy to look at other topics, if you need a break from diving.

Posts I loved: Scuba Diving in Murter – Welcome to the Paradise Kornati, Avoid getting Cold while Scuba Diving | 7 Tips to Stay Warm in the Water

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Diving Blogs We Love: 6 recent posts from @wanderlustcom on Instagram

Credit: @wanderlustcom on Instagram

3. Spotmydive

Spotmydive is a scuba touring agency based in France.

The main purpose of this blog was to show visitors the best locations to dive in, but it’s since progressed.

One of the reasons I like this blog is because it shows the nitty gritty of diving (with an article about my personal fave, the bends), and also features information about some new diving gear releases.

Posts I found interesting: The complete guide to decompression stops, 2019 Best Scuba Diving Shows in the World

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Diving Blogs We Love: 6 recent posts from @spotmydive on Instagram

Credit: @spotmydive on Instagram

4. Scuba Diver Life

Scuba Diver Life covers all aspects of underwater life, from preservation to tools and tips for dives. The site is run by diver Nadia Aly, and features easy navigation (it also provides a link to her diving vlogs, which are cool to check out if you’re interested in underwater photography). This blog showcases different parts of the ecosystem and leans a little more on the educational side, which is why it’s of particular interest to me.

Posts I enjoyed: First Ever Whale-Shark Ultrasound, Marine Species: Glaucus Atlanticus

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Diving Blogs We Love: 6 recent posts from @scubadiverlife on Instagram

Credit: @scubadiverlife on Instagram

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